The NFL combine is this week. NFL teams, like the Browns, will get a closer look at players in the draft.

One guy high on the list is quarterback Johnny Manziel. But he won't be throwing on Sunday like the other quarterbacks, opting for a private workout on March 27th.

My Take: we're left with the marketing of Manziel and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

Here's what Johnny Football has been doing. He is reportedly discussing shoe deals with three different companies. While he won't throw, Manziel guaranteed that he will be measured at six feet tall at the combine. That means he has grown an inch or two.

And speaking of guarantees, he took time to give the Houston Texans, the team with the number one pick, an ultimatum. Manziel says if the Texans don't take him with the number one pick, it would be the worst decision they would ever make.

Is it just me or does this guy seem like too much trouble? No one knows if he can play in the NFL. Some national critics have questioned how hard he works, and how hard he parties.

I'm really hoping the Texans do take him at number one. I'm afraid of what happens if he's available at number four with the Browns picking next.

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