Instead of just My Take this morning on Channel 3 News Today, Sara from FOXSports Ohio joined me to give us her take on sports. We covered 3 questions and here is Our Take:

What grade would you give the Browns so far for free agency?

Sara: B We have seen the defensive moves but I would like to see Ben Tate added to the offense, and I'm anxious to see the QB they go with. I would like to see them draft a QB in the early rounds, not necessary at number four.

John: B- I like the moves they've made with the defense and the new administration, but the NFL is all about offense and the quarterback position. I have to wait to see that decision when it's made.

The Indians are now considered long shots to win the World Series. Is this fair?

Sara: I like it when our team is the underdog and they can defy the odds and prove people wrong. With Terry Francona, this team has great chemistry and you're not going to lose that overnight.

John: I'm ok with the 50-1 odds. I agree that this team will have a chip on its shoulder and play better as the underdog. The Yankees and Orioles are both better and the Tigers are the powerhouse. It will be tougher to make the playoffs this year. I'm not sure the Indians will improve on the number of wins, but I do like their chances.

Which Cleveland athlete will be the next to have his jersey retired?

Sara: Bernie Kosar. He's always been one of the fans' favorites.

John: I give it only a 20% chance that he's coming back, but if LeBron James comes back and leads the Cavs to a title, it's a no-brainer. Getting LeBron is the only way I see the Cavs someday winning an NBA title.


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