The NFL draft is six weeks away, and all of a sudden, I feel like I'm watching a political campaign. Players are out looking for votes, and Johnny Manziel has the best campaign manager. He's in a commercial with LeBron, striking the Heisman pose for McDonald's and now he's released his own ad to try and sway the voters.

Manziel went to Instagram and posted a video of him dunking a basketball. I get it. He wants to show he's athletic, but how much of this is him trying to change minds about his height? A lot! He's under six feet and that's not ideal for an NFL quarterback.

Manziel has talent, I'll give you that, but this video does nothing for me in my search for the Browns next quarterback. I still want a quarterback who can see over his lineman and isn't just going to take off and make bad decisions while running for his life. Size does matter in the NFL.

The next part of Manziel's campaign is Thursday for his pro day. Browns GM Ray Farmer says he's not going. Good call, but they don't have to be there.

Stay away from the Manziel hype. So he can dunk a basketball, but can he beat the Steelers, Ravens and Bengals? That's what I want in a quarterback.

But maybe the Cavs should take a look at the video.


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