Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel held his pro day workout Thursday in College Station.


It has long been said that "Everything is bigger in Texas," and apparently, that analogy holds true to football pro days too.

Former Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel conducted his workout in front of scouts and decision-makers from 30 NFL teams, as well as a governor and a former President of the United States, George H.W. Bush.

But while it seemed to be a circus-like atmosphere on the outside looking in, Manziel was focused on football and completed 63 of his 65 throws in Texas A&M's field house in College Station.

"I felt it was good," Manziel said following the workout. "Obviously, I was going for perfection, and a couple balls hit the ground, one that was on me and one that was a little bit high. I could've gotten it down for him a little bit.

"Overall, I thought it was really good. I've got to give credit to the six guys who went out there and ran their hearts out for me, went after some balls and really, really helped me out. I had a blast doing it. I think each and every of one us did."

Manziel put together the workout with his quarterbacks coaches, George Whitfield and Kevin O'Connell.

"We wanted to put it together, and we wanted to make it challenging," Manziel said. "We wanted to show that we didn't have anything to hide, and that we could come out here, go through our seven-step footwork, go through all of the footwork that we thought these guys wanted to see and at the same time, we had other guys who want to go.

"We wanted to get Mike (Evans') routes the way that he needed to run them, and more than anything, 'Let's come out here and have a blast doing it.'"

And apparently, that plan of having "a blast doing it" worked for Manziel, as he impressed many of the NFL coaches who were in attendance.

"He did a great job," Jacksonville coach Gus Bradley said. "It was well organized and well set up. We saw all the throws. It's great to be able to comment on them. It was very efficient."

Tampa Bay coach Lovie Smith added, "Johnny has a little flair, which is a good thing. You want to see a quarterback in control like that and see how the rest of the guys respond around him. He's thrown a lot of long touchdown passes where he's congratulated a lot of receivers, so it's only fitting that it would end that way."

During his workout, Manziel gathered with all of the coaches and scouts in attendance in an effort to answer any other questions they had about him, as well as see if there were any other throws he could make for them.

"I think he was just setting it up: 'Here's what we can expect,' and he talked about it at the end if there was anything we didn't see, he was willing to do it," Bradley said. "It was a nice step by him.

"He's ultracompetitive and I think that shows up on tape. Everything that he does, he performs at a high level, and I think we came to expect that here. We knew this was going to be high level, show his competitiveness, take on the challenge and he did just that. To have the group of guys that he had run the routes for him and display that, it was great. Overall, it was a really good day for him."

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