The media gets their first crack at Johnny Manziel today, following his party weekend in Las Vegas. The Browns have OTA's.

First of all, many writers feel the need to justify that it was OK for Manziel to get away and party. I said that Monday, but some follow it up by saying, "Well other NFL players were in Vegas."

OK, where are those pictures? Why are they not getting attention? It's because "Johnny Football" is different and he caters to the spotlight.

The old phrase, "two's company and three's a crowd," and if you have Johnny Manziel, the crowd includes dozens of women in bikinis. That's how "Johnny Football" rolls.

You can't change him. The Browns can try and control him, but they can't keep him home. This is part of the package deal you got by drafting him.

I looked to see how other quarterbacks are spending their free time. Peyton Manning was just the commencement speaker at the University of Virginia. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers were hanging out at a classy affair with millionaires at the Preakness. Drew Brees just signed a deal with a motorcycle company. He won't ride it because of risk for injury.

And then we have Johnny.

The Browns have tried to keep him grounded by saying he's not the starter, he's no where close to playing in the NFL. That's worked so far. The team doesn't seem distracted, yet..

Johnny Manziel is a different type of football player, but how long can this ride last?


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