The Cleveland Browns will review the location of training camp in the near future.


BEREA, Ohio -- There is no status quo when it comes to the National Football League and the Cleveland Browns.

And the long-time Berea resident could be looking at changing the location of what has long been a staple in the Grindstone city: Browns training camp.

"We'll look into everything for next year, and we haven't made any decisions," Browns president Alec Scheiner said at a team-sponsored community event at Grindstone Elementary School Wednesday. "It's a process, and we'll look at everything."

For this year, Scheiner admitted the Browns could practice off-site or in a stadium for part of training camp.

"We have not yet discussed it, but we haven't finalized the plans for this year yet," Scheiner said. "We'll look at everything. There's a possibility."

One thing that the Browns have finalized is the idea of regulating attendance at training camp by having fans register online to attend practice, something the team has done for parties, but not the most well-attended non-game events.

"When we talked about this last week, we've done this before," Scheiner said. "We've done this with our Draft Day party, and it's really not about regulating attendance. It's about making sure that people that come from different cities and different states can get into training camp. We don't have the exact mechanics of it yet, but we do know there will be a sign-up online."

As has become a training-camp tradition, in order to break the monotony of practicing at the Berea facility every day for a month straight, the Browns have taken the field at FirstEnergy Stadium for Family Night.

However, with renovations going on at the stadium, the Browns may have to wait to play at FirstEnergy Stadium until their first preseason game against the St. Louis Rams on Aug. 23.

"We'll look at that, whether we can have it at the stadium while the renovations are ongoing or whether we can find an off-site place to do it," Scheiner said. "Everything's on schedule. Everything's going really well, and in a couple weeks, we'll have more to share on that."

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