So far, the talk at Browns camp has been dominated by one quarterback question: who's the starter? But the question that comes to mind for me with Johnny Manziel is: can he finish?

Saturday night, I saw more evidence of why Johnny Football is not the quarterback for me. I'm not sure he can stay healthy.

I saw it right away in his first series. Manziel takes off running, trying to get the extra yard and puts his head down in a collision with three Lions. That was the second team Lions. How long until that becomes a concussion on any given Sunday.

Every time Johnny takes off running, it's exciting, but it also opens him up to a big time NFL hit by a bigger, faster player than he saw in college.

Mike Maske of the Washington Post says he sees Kyle Shanahan running an offense here for Manziel, like the one he designed for RG3 in Washington. Bring his running skills from college and put them into an NFL offense.

Here's the problem. Despite winning rookie of the year and making the playoffs, Griffin's season ended with knee surgery. More knee issues last season, and these are the type of injuries that cut careers short.

Size and staying in the pocket matter in the NFL. Peyton, Brady, and Andrew Luck can play all 16 games in a season because they avoid hits. RG3 can't and I'm not sure Johnny can last either.

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