I've seen enough postgame news conferences and interviews to understand "coach speak."

A coach will never tell you his team played a perfect game and they'll never paint a picture so bleak that it's time to panic. That would make the coach look bad.

Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine said yesterday it's not time to panic, but I want to know where the panic button is because I'll hit it.

This offense just doesn't have any rhythm. Hoyer and Manziel made some plays Saturday night, but they're not ready to score enough in this league.

During the preseason so far, the Browns offense is ranked 30 out of 32 teams. This is against the Lions, Redskins and Rams. They are three teams that will not make the playoffs.

The Browns were exposed Saturday night. They're just not good enough..

Remember last year, even with Brandon Weeden, the Browns looked good in the first two preseason games, and then they were exposed in the third preseason game at Indianapolis. We should have hit the panic button then.

Saturday night was worse, because the expectations were higher this year.

I heard all weekend, "John, it's only preseason. It doesn't matter."

I think it does. Last year, 11 teams had one or zero wins in the preseason. Of those 11 teams, only Green Bay and San Diego snuck into the playoffs on the final weekend. The other nine, averaged five wins. That tells me when you have trouble in the preseason, it equals big trouble in the regular season.


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