CLEVELAND -- Wind chills between 0 and 10-below will chase the homeless community indoors so shelters like 2100 Lakeside are preparing for capacity crowds.

Turning anyone away in these harsh conditions could amount to a death sentence.

2100 Lakeside is receiving visitors hours earlier then usual, on a night where temperatures will drop to levels not seen in several years.

Needs become very basic.

"If I can get a bed or not, if I can get out of the cold," saidAntwon Scott, who's been homeless for five years.

Scott has been on the streets for five years. His bed is a two-inch-thick foam mattress wrapped in hard plastic. He will take his place on the floor and join what's called the "e-community" --e for emergency.

"We give em food, hot soup, you know,to help these guys stay warm and make sure they're safe," Shelter Supervisor John Thomas said.

Thomas says 2100 sleeps 450 men a night usually. Monday night,that number will be more like 500.

The mat room is arranged to handle the overflow. If there are more men then can fit, they are takento Volunteers of America.

The street sheet is circulating. It's a list of shelters, open kitchens, and medical care hours throughout the city.

Extra clothes, coats, blankets and personal care items arrive just in time. On Saturday night, McCarthy's bar patrons donated 20 bags full.

"You can only ignore so much, especially in the city and this time of year," Event Coordinator Angela Stead said.

Sheltering Cleveland's homeless on a night like this is a tough job but with many rewards for those with hearts big enough to do it.