Two Harbors, Minnesota received an early "Christmas gift"; three feet of snow. While it may be unusual for this time of year, it isn't slowing down the locals. It's business as usual for most of the residents and local business owners. GANNETT

MINNEAPOLIS - Snow and bitter cold temperatures have snarled traffic again today -- and caused another 1,600 flight cancellations in the United States.

The storm covered parts of North Texas in ice over the weekend before moving eastward, bringing below-zero temperatures from Idaho to Minnesota. It dumped snow throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, along with freezing rain that prompted the federal government to let workers arrive up to two hours later than normal today or take unscheduled leave.

Some of the more difficult conditions are in North Texas. More than 22,000 Dallas-area homes and businesses were still without power today, down from 270,000 on Friday.

More than half of the nation's flight cancellations today were at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

In the east, power outages were reported in Virginia, parts of West Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, D.C., area following freezing rain, wet snow and sleet.

The area is in for some more wintry weather. Forecasters are predicting a second storm for the Mid-Atlantic region, with five inches of snow possible tonight.

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