VERMILION -- The damage from recent flooding still lingers in one local community.

Residents in Vermilion are battling huge ice chunks left behind from the high waters. They almost barricade some homes, covering the yards and driveways with almost small glaciers.

The Vermilion River came all the way up onto Riverside Drive, bringing the ice with it. The city cleared away the roads, and now homeowners are chipping away at the damage.

"It's just one big ugly mess," Jenny Everett said. "Mother nature has just been terrible this year. A lot of people are suffering down here right now and lost a lot."

Everett is one of them. She came home from Florida yesterday to find no heat, no water and almost no back patio left. Restoration crews are hard at work, and neighbors are pitching in, too.

"All the neighbors are helping everybody else, and that's what you do," Everett said.

One of those neighbors is Mark Passarell. His basement filled with personal belongings flooded, and now he has to throw most of it away. No one expected it to be this bad.

"A lot of stuff down here has been destroyed, turned upside down," Passarell said. "We're doing the best we can. Clean up, and move on and wait for summer."

It's that wait for summer that has homeowners concerned, though. With another thaw likely, the ice chunks could just get worse, but they'll be ready for it

"I won't have anything in my basement, so I won't worry about that," Passarrell said.

"Give me your address, in case we need some place to stay, because it's getting old not having a place to take a shower," Bill Everett said.

They may have lost some belongings, but they haven't lost their sense of humor. Homeowners say all the support helps.

"Everyservice person, every city person, every plumber, they've been outstanding. I have no complaints. We'll recover," Everett said.

The Fire Department visited the area to check on homeowners Friday.

The mayor's office said an ice breaker is standing by and ready to move at a moment's notice. They're monitoring the weather and hoping mother nature cooperates soon.

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