CLEVELAND - A transition to El Nino conditions could have a great impact on our summer forecast this year.

Evidence of warming ocean currents in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean and the weakening of trade winds may help settle the weather down over the central part of the country by mid to late summer.

The Climate Prediction Center issued their June, July and August outlook on Thursday suggesting Ohio will have equal chances of near normal to slightly below temperatures. The East Coast, West Coast and the southern states could see a very warm summer, with excessive heat possible over California, Texas, Florida and the eastern seaboard. Alaska is also expected to see temperatures well above normal during the next three months.

Areas of cooler than normal temperatures will be possible over the upper Plains and Great Lakes with much below normal temperatures occurring over parts of upper Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Much of the country is likely to see near normal amounts of precipitation, with only the Rockies expecting above normal amounts of rain. Southern Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi are likely to see below to much below normal rain.

Meteorological summer runs from June 1st to August 31st.

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